At JanCardan, we always do our best to provide you with the best possible service. We are happy to use our many years of experience to advise you and always try to go a step further than you expect. We never leave you out in the cold. That is why we offer, among other things, these diets:

Conversion service

Do you need something specific? Or do you see something, but isn't that it? Maybe we can help you then. For example, do you see a concrete mix truck, but do you want to have exactly that chassis, but without the concrete mixer? No problem. In many cases we can still provide you with what you are looking for.


We sell trucks, machines and parts to companies all over the world. We have been doing this for more than 60 years. We gladly transport your purchase to one of the nearest ports (Rotterdam, Amsterdan, Antwerp). All you have to do is pick up your purchase at the port of destination.


Importing, exporting and transporting vehicles and machines can involve some paperwork. Don't worry, we will gladly arrange this for you. We take care of export documents, among other things.